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Feature of IFB Dishwasher (Hindi) (1080p HD)

These days many people living in metros are looking for appliances like dishwashers to make common chore like washing dishes easier and thus the demand is increasing. 

As maids are becoming more unpredictable and expensive, dishwasher offers a convenient alternative in India.

The IFB Neptune VX Dish Washer helps you complete your household dishwashing chores with ease. It features smart design, Jet wash, super energy efficiency, adjustable racks, flexible half load, steam drying and water softening device.

Its adjustable rack provides additional space for more utensils and fits even large items such as espresso cups and spatulas. And loading and unloading is easier with its upper racks with cup shelves and clips and foldable wires on lower rack. You also get the flexibility of a basket made of Vinyl Coated galvanized iron to organize utensils so they get even cleaner.

The water softening device in dishwasher removes the calcium, magnesium and certain other metal cautions in hard water and promotes optimized detergent usage and minimized environmental hazards.

Feature of IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher
  • 1) Water Softening Device : It softens water up to 60dh thereby increasing detergent efficiency. It optimizes detergent use and cares for the environment.
  • 2) Washing Program for Different type Washing : A unique program for utensils with tough dirt. The dishes are first given a pre-wash at 50°C and then a thorough wash at 70°C. The rinsing follows in three stages to remove any trace of dirt or detergent. It removes stubborn oil and stains and gives a hygienic wash.
  • 3) Adjustable Upper Basket when Empty : The upper basket in your dishwasher has been kept flexible for your convenience. This feature allows you to adjust the height of the basket when empty to help you accommodate other large utensils in the same wash. You can wash and clean more in one go.
  • 4) Adjustable Racks : With adjustable racks, you have flexibility on your side. Move the racks and shelves through the height adjustable notches to best fit your utensils.
Feature of IFB Dishwasher Neptune VX

This dishwasher has little more features than IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher

With 12 place settings and Flexible Half-load Option to Water Softening Device, a host of features help make your dishes sparkling clean.
  • 1) Energy Efficiency : This washer is A++ energy efficiency that helps you save on your annual electricity bills. This machine consumes just 9 litres of water per day for washing your dishes.
  • 2) Steam Drying : Steam drying ensures perfect drying of your utensils without any marks on your dishes even when you choose a short programme. 
  • 3) Flexible Half Load : This option allows you to load either the upper or lower or both the baskets as per your needs for easy and sundry washing.
Specifications of IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Dishwasher
  • Type : Free Standing
  • Display Type : LED
  • Display Features : LED Display on Control Panel for Error Detection
  • Other Convenience Features : Modular Lower Cutlery Basket, Flexible Half Load, Steam Drying, Water Spray Shower, Water Spray Arms: 2
  • Water Consumption : 22.7 L
  • Child Lock : Available
  • Noise Level : 52 dB
  • Indicators Present : LED Indicator for Program Status, LED Indicator for Rinse Aid, LED Indicator for Salt Refill
  • Capacity : 12 Place Settings
  • Control Type : Button
  • Wash Program Type : Economic, Hygiene, Normal, Prewash, Quick, Super 55-minute 60°C, Auto Delicate 30 - 50, Auto Normal 50 - 60, Auto Intensive 60 - 70
  • Number of Wash Programs : 8
  • Filter System : Metal Filter
  • Weight : 50 kg
  • Width : 59.6 cm
  • Depth : 59.8 cm
  • Height : 84.5 cm
  • Door Open Depth : 115 cm
Rack Features
  • Number of Racks : 2
  • Height Adjustable Rack : Available
  • Other Rack Features : Mug Shelf in Upper Rack: Adjustable, Foldable Wires in Lower Rack, Shelves in Upper Rack: 4, Removable Rack: Bottle Holder and Cutlery Basket, Spoon Rack
  • Removable Rack : Available
  • Basket Material : Vinyl Coated Galvanised Iron
Additional Features
  • Water Supply Hose : 3 / 4 BSP Internal Connector
  • Water Pressure Range : 0.3 to 10 bar
  • Other Features : Adjustable Feet, Water Softening Device (Upto 60 dH), Smart Design, Jet Wash, Energy Efficiency
  • Delay Start : Available
Power Features
  • Power Consumption : 1260 W
  • Power Requirement : 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Heater Element Rating : 2000 W
  • Maximum Power : 2200 W
  • Electric Supply : Single Phase 15 A
How Dishwasher Works

A dishwasher works in the following manner: After loading and switching on the program, the dishwasher draws water and sprays water through jets to rinse the dishes. It then releases the detergent and the dishes are cleaned with soapy hot water. Once the cleaning process is done the dishwasher rinses the dishes again. Post this cycle the dishwasher dries the dishes.

A few things that you should consider before buying Dishwasher
  • 1) Do you want a built in dishwasher that goes under the kitchen platform. or do you want freestanding one?
  • 2) Number of sections that you need will help you decide if you want to go for 12 plate or 14 plate selections.
  • 3) Look for wash programs that are for Indian kitchen.
  • 4) If you plan to put "glass" utensils, then you need to look for features that provide protection to glass.
  • 5) Energy Efficiency should also be considered as you may use dishwasher several times a day.
  • 6) Any model with more number of programmes is more acceptable for washing dishes.
Think about Dishwasher Capacity

Firstly depending on the number of people in the household, you can pick the capacity you want, ie capacity in terms of the number of utensils. This also depends on your food habits. The minimum capacity, dishwasher offers is 4-plate settings; high-end machines have 12 or 14 plate settings. Machines with 4-plate settings can accommodate up to 32 utensils on one time.

Types of Dishwasher

Some of the types of dishwashers which are available in India are:
  • 1) Built in Dishwasher : A built-in dishwasher is usually the standard 24-inch size, and it is built right into the kitchen cabinetry. This is the most common type of dishwasher.
  • 2) Free Standing Dishwasher : Freestanding dishwashers are a type portable dishwashers. You can roll a freestanding portable dishwasher into the laundry room or set the device against a back wall in the kitchen. When you want to wash dishes, you just roll it out, plug it in, and attach it to your sink.
Our Review : 
  • 1) Most people are worried about oil, Masala, this dishwasher handles them all.
  • 2) The IFB Neptune VX dishwasher has jet wash mode that cleans your coffee, tea or other less dirtied dishes in just 18 minutes with its 4 stages of cleaning.
Note :
  • 1) Typical electricity consumption of dishwashers is about 1-1.5 units per wash cycle. Please note that higher the temperature setting in dishwasher, higher will be the electricity consumption.
  • 2) There is only one thing that dishwasher is not able to, the kind of hard cleaning that we do with out hands using the metal wool. 
  • 3) As far as cleaning is concerned, then utensils used for cooking (ones with lot of grease) are difficult to clean, but the ones used for eating are cleaned up easily using dishwashers. 
  • 4) For instance, if you have put heavily greased pans, then you will need a bigger cycle time.
  • 5) More options of washing mode are always good as it will facilitate easy and fast washing of utensils. However, more the number of programmes, it will be more costly.
  • 6) It is little risky to wash plastic or pet vessels in dishwasher. But, you can use these vessels in some programme like Quick wash, delicate wash or eco wash, which heat the water upto 50 degree Celsius as the plastic might not be able to withstand higher temperatures of other programs. If the plastic can withstand temperatures upto 70 degree Celsius you can use any wash program.
  • 7) Make sure that the salt box cap is closed properly as leakage of salty water to the washing cycle will damage the glasses. 
Consideration :
  • 1) Aluminum vessels are not advised to be cleaned as Cancerous particles get released in your other vessels.
  • 2) Soaking the dishes in water before putting them in dishwasher works best, else sticky stuff does not come out on its own easily.
  • 3) They are fine for cleaning utensils used for eating. It does not scrub as how a maid would do.
  • 4) The food burnt at the bottom or other vessels that have food stuck that generally would require some effort with steel wool cleaner and those vessels would not get cleaned in this dishwasher. 
Requirement for Installing Dishwasher

Permanent Water Tap Connection : A permanent water tap connection just like in an automatic washing machine and a water outlet connection which requires a min. height of 30cms from the ground are required.

Requirement for Washing Utensils in Dishwasher
  • 1) Dishwasher Detergent : This is not a normal detergent that we use for washing cloths, but, a special detergent - one meant for Dishwashers. Need to fill it every time - just before you start the Dishwasher. Mostly people use about 3 spoons and it comes for about 75 washes.
  • 2) Dishwasher Salt : Need to fill at least a Kg of it, once a month depending on level of hardness in your water. There is a specific way to set this level in the Dishwasher.
With dishwashers it becomes quite important that you put water in the utensils immediately after use (and may be scrub a bit if something is sticking on to it).

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